Touch of technology

Best combination of technology
for perfect experience

Intuitive interfaces helping
to reach your goals


Native touch-based, widespread operating system to offer even better and smoother touch experience to your customer. It brings all advantages of open-source and also eliminates licensing costs.

Web Applications

Web is nowadays most popular way of promotion and presentation of your brand or product, but brings also lots of other possibilities. We create intuitive and easy to manage web applications of all sizes to suit your needs.

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Touch Technology

Following the newest trends, we're bringing innovative way of customer interaction. We provide intuitive and easy to use touch appliances for endless possibilities of usage. Multiple touch points also assure flexibility for more advanced applications.

Technology symbiosis

We combine several technologies, to satisfy all customer needs. Carefully chosen techs work together to provide smooth service to the customer.

Our main focus is simple maintenance, fluent app run and high quality of customer experience. We create applications easy to use by end customer and also simple to administrate by you.

Wide range of applications

  • marketing (shopping malls, rotating advertisement, touch or display-only panels)
  • education (language school, grammar school, preschool)
  • conferences (schedules, information)
  • presentational purposes (company presentation, business process management, meetings)
  • information services (hotels, restaurants, public places, transport stations, waiting rooms)
  • and many, many more...
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Save Your Time
with Us

We listen to your needs, design and implement complete solutions using appropriate technology to fulfill all your requirements.
Complete integration saves you time and money.

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Individual Approach

We handle every customer individually and try to find the best optimized solution for your needs. Your custom needs are challenge, which our team is always pleased to accept.

Web Solutions

You can find our solutions in different parts of world - we have previous experience with cooperation on solutions for companies based in USA and Czech Republic. Our team participated on projects of different sizes and sophistication.

  • Development and maintenance of global sales, invoicing and license management system for company IceWarp.
  • System for cloud server license management automatic license generation and installation.
  • Customized online license request and delivery system distributing licenses to naval fleet all over ther world.
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